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Ignorance does not protect

image(1)The developments are fast and unpredictable. Where boats arrive today, tomorrow military may prevent their landing. Where now thousands still hoping to continue their journey cross the European Community, perhaps the next deportation already lies ahead. How much longer the stranded refugees in Greece will endure their situation beneath human dignity?  Does the EU justify all means to prevent the right of asylum? And what really happens in Turkey?

Again I am traveling to the borders of Europe. As with my Melilla blog I will report what I see, learn and experience there. I would love to provide an overview about my plans right now but this is not possible. Nothing is predictable at the moment.

The current politics make me feel helpless. I think this is a feeling that many of you know. I have decided, to counter this feeling of forced passivity. I need to see as much as possible with my own eyes. I will talk to those concerned. I’ll try – at least – to help locally. I will report about all this here. And from my experiences new art projects will developed. That’s my strategy to deal with my helplessness.

I want to know about it. Because to close my eyes to reality doesn’t help -thereby the intolerable will not disappear.

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One thought on “Ignorance does not protect

  1. liebe tanja boukal,
    begeistert von deinen werken, die ich letzten sonntag in deiner aktuellen ausstellung sehen durfte, möchte ich dir für deine jetzige reise alles gute wünschen!
    ich bin gespannt auf die bilder und eindrücke, die du mit deinen augen und sinnen für alle einfängst, die nicht die möglichkeit oder den mut haben, sich mit eigenen augen einen überblick über die situation der flüchtlinge zu verschaffen. außerdem bin ich neugierig darauf, was für eine kunst daraus entsteht…
    lieben dank für deinen blog!

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