Even children are deported

Dikili, Turkey

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A deportation from Lesbos to Turkey, April 26th 2016

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The terse press release said:

“This Tuesday the return of migrants from Greece to Turkey continues. This said a spokesman for the government. According to information from local media twelve people where brought on board the vessel “Nazli Jale” in Turkey. An officer of the Coast Guard said, “The ship is about to exit. Port of destination is the turkish Dikili.” Among the twelve were migrants who had no chance of getting asylum in Greece, reported local media.”

According to information from the port authorities in Dikili 17 people were deported.
There’s no mention that there were three children among the deportees. The sea that day was extremely rough. The ship could hardly put in and an employee of the harbour told me, he does not understand, why the Greeks sent off a ship in this weather. The deportees were – after the registration – driven by a coach in direction Pehlivaköy. There is a return camp which was established with EU money and is the last station before the deportation back to their origin.

The detailed article about the deportation by Michael Bonvalot and me is published (only german until now): https://www.vice.com/de/read/so-sieht-es-aus-wenn-die-eu-kinder-in-die-tuerkei-deportiert

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