Gallery Opus Art in Newcastle (UK) shows Tanja Boukal’s
Those in Darkness Drop from Sight at London Art Fair 2012

London (United Kingdom) | 18. - 22. January 2012

Newcastles well-respected Gallery Opus Art shows amongst others Tanja Boukal’s Those in Darkness Drop from Sight at London Art Fair from January, 18th – 22nd, 2012.


Those In Darkness Drop From Sight

Dschanet Abdurachmanowa | Leila Khaled | Comandante Maria |

Anonyma (Liberia) | Phoolan Devi | Comandanta Ramona

(6 knitted pieces, 65 cm x 65 cm each)


A portrait series of women in armed conflicts where women are not only victims but actively present.
Mostly it is shown how women protest quietly and men let the fists do the talking…, is this reality? Also women behave militant in conflicts, however, a woman patiently persisting on her right better fits in the media world.
By the technology of Shadowknitting originate portraits - from the front only black-and-white stripes are seen, hiding B&W images - found on the internet - which are only viewable from the side.
The women can be seen only from an adequate viewing angle, so that they are - like from ghost hand - sometimes visible and mostly disappeared.


Download Press-Photos of Tanja Boukal’s Those In Darkness Drop From Sight:

6 photos from front, 6 photos from side (all CMYK, 15x20, 300dpi, 1 x ZIP, approx. 16 MB)


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