Alessandro Marena Project presents:
Tanja Boukal `Pandora’s Box’

Torino (Italy) | 10. February - 31. March 2011

Tanja Boukal (Vienna, Austria, 1976) arrives in Italy with her first personal show for Alessandro Marena Project. Exclusive to the space in Via della Rocca, the artist has designed a site specific installation that reflects the origin of evil in an ironic way, but not without bitterness. It is no coincidence that her work is inspired by the legendary story of “Pandora’s box” where all of the misfortunes poured into the world after its opening. Hesiod in the “Works and Days,” wrote that Zeus, father of all gods, had given the box to a woman, Pandora, with strict orders never to open it. As did Eve in the biblical myth, Pandora disobeyed these most specific instructions. In fact the woman, curious as only the fairer sex can be, opened it and in only a few moments released all the ills of the world except hope that did not have time to make it out of the box.

Vernissage: Thursday 10th February 2011 From 18:00 to 21:00,
the artist will be present. After show party with DJ set at Maison from 21 to 23.30

From the 11th February to the 31st March 2011.
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 14.30 to 19.30 (by appointment).

Alessandro Marena Project, Via della Rocca 19, 10123 Torino, Italia

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Catalogue of the Exhibition (English, PDF, 564kb)


Alessandro Marena Project
Via della Rocca 19
10123 Torino

Works presented:
Pandora's Box