Izmir Concrete

Izmir, Turkey
11 pieces, 60x40x15 cm each
Print on Concret
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“Noble Words need to be followed by concrete action”
Martin Seychell, Deputy Director General of the European Commission Directorate for Health and Food Safety, October 30th 2015

In Basmane, a neighbourhood in the heart of the Turkish port city of Izmir yet the wheels of the smuggling economy continue to spin. Migrants huddle inside grimy hotels, checking prices with the smugglers, buying lifejackets, comparing boats and motors in another shop,waiting for private minibuses to the coast. Jewelry shops trade pawned refugee gold, a shop offers money transfer from Syria and according to the International Organization for Migration /as per April 20, 2016), 376 migrants have drowned or gone missing at sea between the Aegean coast and Greece since the start of the year.