Vienna, Austria
100 cm x 146 cm x 20 cm
Plexiglass, Embroidery on tulle
Presented at

Where flowers bloom... | Neufelden | Jul - Aug 2019

What to Do When Hell Breaks Loose? | Lucerne | Aug - Sep 2014

Political Correctness | Salzburg | Nov 2013 - Mar 2014

A translation of the suicide note left by Dimitris Christoulas, the 77-year old man who commited suicide at Syntagma Square in Athens:

The Tsolakoglou* occupation government literally nullified my ability to survive on a decent pension, for which I had already paid (without government aid) for 35 years.
I am of an age that prevents me from offering a decent individual response (without of course ruling out the possibility of being this kind of person to take arms, should one person decide to do so), I find no solution other than a dignified end, before resorting to going through garbage in order to cover my nutritional needs.
One day, I believe, they oath with no future will take up arms and hang the national traitors at syntagma square, just like the Italians did with Mussolini in 1945 (at Milan’s Piazzale Loreto)

–Dimitris Christoulas, Syntagma, Athens, April, 4th, 2012


*Georgios Tsolakoglou was a Greek military officer who became the first Prime Minister of the Greek collaborationist government during the Axis Occupation in 1941-1942.