I don't know what's bothering You

Vienna, Austria
4 table mats, 35x46 cm each
4 plates, Ø 23 cm each
4 glasses, Ø 8,5 cm each
Linen damask, Glass
Presented at

No one has any intention of building a wall | Augsburg | Apr - Jun 2016

The installation consists of a laid table as can be found in the dining room of an average, urban middle class family. The delicately woven placemats, though, bear the images of drowned refugee children washed ashore in Samos. Plates and glasses are engraved with barbed wire motives.

No member of this family would say that the fate of these people doesn’t grieve them. Nevertheless, the normal life goes on. At a certain point we all want to stop concern ourselves with the misery. Can someone be accused of this?