Melilla, Vienna
6 Parts, 36 x 26 cm each
Embroidery and C-Print on Canvas
Presented at

No one has any intention of building a wall | Augsburg | Apr - Jun 2016

Demonstrating Minds | Helsinki | Oct 2015 - Mar 2016

The works are based on black-and-white photographs provided by the Melilla police for the Press. They illustrate the imaginative ways in which refugees have attempted to cross the border into Melilla, whether concealed in vehicle compartments or strapped to the undercarriage. Tanja Boukal organized workshops where refugees were able to choose the image of their personal journey and to manipulat these photographs by adding drawings and writing. The contrast between sober documentation of escape routes and the very personal artistic composition is the vital field for raising questions about the fate and personality of the refugees. For her work series, the artists took photographs of these works and embroidered the reproductions.