A World Not Ours

Phytagoreio (Greece) | 5. August - 15. November 2016

Curated by Katerina Gregos

We had a place that we could call home… The exhibition takes place in Samos which has been at the heart of the refugee crisis that began in 2015.

It is vital that an art exhibition here should address this situation, which has been an unremitting reality on the island, and a pressing, unresolved issue for the whole of Europe.

Harnessing methods that range from activism and direct action to poetics and metaphor, the participants in the exhibition provide a reflection on the issues of forced displacement and the experience of homelessness, perpetual insecurity, diasporic identity and existential limbo. This exhibition includes artists who opt for a nuanced way of working with these highly sensitive issues, who stay under the radar, working with discretion, thoughtfulness and beneficence.

Find the catalogue here

Find a video about Tanja Boukals part of the exhibition here


Art Space Pythagorion
Unnamed Road, Pithagorio 831 03, Griechenland
83103 Phytagoreio