Tanja Boukal. The Artist

Lives, works and thinks in Vienna

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About Me

Humans are the focus of my work - their interactions with the environment and society, and their responses to challenging situations. Rather than focusing on the details of their faces or bodies, my interest lies in understanding their abilities when faced with unique life circumstances. I delve into their methods of problem solving, their determination to achieve goals, and their pursuit of finding happiness.

At the core of my artistic journey is a commitment to human dignity that seamlessly integrates ethical considerations into my work. I often highlight extraordinary individuals, not as isolated characters, but as representatives of those willing to endure significant challenges to realize their aspirations. This approach includes extending recognition to individuals who typically remain invisible.

Therefore, women's fates are often highlighted. By centering their stories, I seek to amplify the voices that have historically remained in the shadows, ensuring that their struggles, triumphs, and unique perspectives receive the attention they rightfully deserve.

My creative process involves the incorporation of traditional craft techniques to create a connection with the person or situation being portrayed. Craft, known for millennia as the art of ordinary men and women, represents to me human creativity and the joy of making. The aspiration of these individuals is to leave a lasting memory, to create something significant. Through the techniques I use, I emphasize the importance associated with portraying these individuals and their stories.


1999 – 2002Various classes

with Barbara Fuchs, Tone Fink, Jean Silverthorne, Nancy Davidson, Paloma Navares, Wolfram Kastner and Frieda Baranek, International Summeracademy for Fine Arts, Salzburg, Austria

1995 – 1999Stage Design

Wiener Kunstschule, Vienna, Austria View the final project

1990 – 1994Embroidery

HBLA Herbststraße, Vienna, Austria

Solo Exhibitions

2021 - 2022Do you know that we have lost?
Dům umění, Brno, Czech Republic
2021Tanja Boukal & Carmen Pfanner
Remise Bludenz, Bludenz, Austria
2019Tanja Boukal: Knitting and Embroidery Gone Rogue
Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts, Melbourne, United States of America
2019Where flowers bloom...
heimart, Neufelden, Austria
2016No one has any intention of building a wall
Kunstverein Augsburg, Augsburg, Germany
2015Path of Humanity
Bourbaki Panorama Luzern, Lucerne, Switzerland
2014Better Homes
Red Carpet Showroom Karlsplatz, Vienna, Austria
2014What to Do When Hell Breaks Loose?
AB Gallery Lucerne, Lucerne, Switzerland
2013 - 2014Political Correctness
Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria
2013Tanja Boukal
TextilKUNST Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria
2011Pandora's Box
Galerie Eboran, Salzburg, Austria
2011Pandora's Box
Alessandro Marena Project, Torino, Italy
2010Welcome to Paradise
Galerie Peithner-Lichtenfels, Vienna, Austria
Congress Centrum Alpbach, Alpbach, Austria
2008Where your feet are standing,...
Gallery Peithner-Lichtenfels, Vienna, Austria
2007Von der Notwendigkeit, Augen am Hinterkopf zu haben
Deutschvilla, Strobl am Wolfgangsee, Austria
2005Selected Works

Gallery Ephram, Mikulov, Czech Republic

2003selbst [?] sicher
Galerie Vernissage, Vienna, Austria
2001Superficial View
Celeste, Vienna, Austria
2001As Long As the Hunters Write History…

Galerie im Alcatraz, Hallein, Austria

Group Exhibitions (Compendium)

2024Valley of the Simorgh
Hinterland, Vienna, Austria
Palazzo Pianetti, Jesi, Italy
2023 - 20242000er Bye-Bye Zuversicht
Wien Museum MUSA, Vienna, Austria
2022 - 2025Mouvements
Musée d'Art et d'Histoire, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
2022 - 2023Appunti su questo tempo
Museo del Ricamo e del Tessile, Valtopina, Italy
CasermArcheologica, Sansepolcro, Italy
2022The Very Fiber… Not Necessarily Domestic Goddesses
Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, Miami, United States of America
2021 - 2022EDEN - The Rainbow Tribe
WhiteSpaceBlackBox, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
2021EDEN – Poisoned Temptations
WhiteSpaceBlackBox, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
2020 - 2021Spuren und Masken der Flucht
Landesgalerie Niederösterreich , Krems, Austria
2020Le monument, le labeur et l’hippocampe
La Kunsthalle, Mulhouse, France
A.K.T, Pforzheim, Germany
2018Efter Flugten
Moesgaard Museum, Højbjerg, Denmark
WhiteSpaceBlackBox, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
2018Leaden Circles Dissolved In The Air
Elgiz Contemporary Art Museum, Istanbul, Turkey
Projektraum philomena+, Vienna, Austria
2018Artists 4 more anti-racism
Bezirksvorstehung Margareten, Vienna, Austria
2017A World Not Ours / Part 2
La Kunsthalle Mulhouse, Mulhouse, France
Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, Hollywood, United States of America
2017Threads of Connection
Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, Coconut Grove, United States of America
2016 - 2017Looking for the Clouds
MUSA, Vienna, Austria
2016A World Not Ours
Art Space Pythagorion, Phytagoreio, Greece
2015 - 2016Demonstrating Minds
Museum of Contemporary Art - KIASMA, Helsinki, Finland
2015Memory Lab III - Traces
Cercle Cité, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
2014 - 2015MemoryLab
MUSA, Vienna, Austria
Budapest Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2014The Dignity of Man
MUSA, Vienna, Austria
Artgallery of Bosnia and Hercegovina, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
House of Arts Brno, Brno, Czech Republic
2013The Art as Weapon
Red Carpet Showroom Karlsplatz, Vienna, Austria
Art & Fabrics Backhausen, Vienna, Austria
Galerie Prisma, Bolzano, Italy
Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt, Klagenfurt, Austria
2013Spuren legen
District Museum Vienna VI, Vienna, Austria
2013Great Balls of Austria
CAMP! / Contemporary Art Meeting Point, Athens, Greece
2012 - 2013APPROPRIATION, Part III: Socio-cultural Conditioning
Fotogalerie Wien, Vienna, Austria
2012In Transition
Galerie der KG Freiräume, Hallein, Austria

Gallery Peithner-Lichtenfels, Vienna, Austria

2012Answers on the Front of of Postcard

Opus Art, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

2012Summer exhibition

Gallery Opus Art, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Kunstraum Pro Arte, Hallein, Austria

Galerie Peithner-Lichtenfels, Vienna, Austria

2010Basel_back II

Galerie Peithner-Lichtenfels, Vienna, Austria

Galerie Peithner-Lichtenfels, Vienna, Austria
2008Qui vive? Moscow International Biennale for Young Art
Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russian Federation
2008Parcours II

Galerie Freiräume, Hallein, Austria

2006 - 2007Paper Road
Papiermachermuseum Steyrermühl, Steyrermühl, Austria
Handwerksmuseum Deggendorf, Deggendorf, Germany
2005Fotonoviembre 2005
Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño Fernando Estévez, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
Deutschvilla, Strobl am Wolfgangsee, Austria

Rathaus, Mainz, Germany

2004Collection Piramidon

Piramidon, Barcelona, Catalunya

2003Das geduldige Papier (Paper is patient)
Palais Breuner, Vienna, Austria
2003all about: female sex
Galerie Academie, Salzburg, Austria
2002Spazialità Condivisa
Centro d´Arte Puccini, Firenze, Italy
PapierWespe, Vienna, Austria

6th International Biennale of Photography, Tenerife, Canary Islands

Uni für angewandte Kunst, Vienna, Austria
2000Blind date
Institut für Astronomie, Vienna, Austria
1997Jugend hat Kultur

Rotpunkt, Vienna, Austria

Scholarships & Cooperations

2023-2024Art in Architecture

Tilia Residence, Rheinau, Switzerland

2020Artist in Covidence

WhiteSpaceBlackBox, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

2017/2018Artist in Residence

La Kunsthalle, Mulhouse, France

2016Artist in Residence

Schwarz Foundation, Samos, Greece

2003/2004Artist in Recidence

Centre d’ Arte Contemporani Piramidon, Barcelona, Catalunya

2002Scholarship of the International Summeracademy for Fine Arts

Salzburg, Austria

Catalogues & Publications

2024Valleys of the Simorgh
Anita Hosseini
Self-published by Galerie Hinterland, ISBN: 978-3-903525-08-5
2023Die 2000er Jahre. Bye Bye Zuversicht
Brigitte Borchhardt-Birbaumer, Berthold Ecker
VfmK Verlag für moderne Kunst, ISBN: 978-3-99153-035-0
2022Tanja Boukal: Do you also have pretty motifs?
Tina Teufel
Snoeck, ISBN: 978-3-86442-368-0
2022Appunti su questo tempo
Manú srls
Artemorbida Edizioni, ISBN: 979 12 81088 00 9
Hans Rudolf Jost
2020Le monument, le labeur et l’hippocampe
2020Tanja Boukal - The Mulhouse Project
2020Spuren und Masken der Flucht
VfmK - Verlag für moderne Kunst, ISBN: 978-3903320895
2019The Bloomsbury Handbook of 21st-Century Feminist Theory
ISBN: 978-1350268401
Hans Rudolf Jost
2017A World Not Ours - La Kunsthalle Mulhouse
La Kunsthalle Mulhouse
2017European Month of Photography LUX
Paul di Felice, Pierre Stiwer
EMoP asbl www.europeanmonthofphotography.com, ISBN: 978-99959-674 -5-1
2017Galerie Eboran 2001-2016

Galerie Eboran, Salzburg, Austria

2016Looking for the clouds
Pierre Stiwer, Gabriella Uhl
EMoP asbl www.europeanmonthofphotography.com, ISBN: 978-99959-891-1-8 
2016A World Not Ours - Art Space Pythagorion
Katerina Gregos
2016eyes on. Monat der Fotografie Wien 2016
Pia Draskovits
Fotohofedition, ISBN: 978-3-902993-28-1
2016Threads of Connection
Bernice Steinbaum
Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, ISBN: 2016960218
2016Spuren legen. Gegenwartskunst in Wiener Bezirks- und Sondermuseen 2010-2015
2016Tanja Boukal : Etablierung des Textilen als medienkritisches Element der Kunst

Cosima Öllinger
Master's thesis, Catholic Private University Linz, 2016

2015Demonstrating Minds - Disagreements in Contemporary Art
A Museum of Contemporary Art Publication
Finnish National Gallery, ISBN: 978-952-7067-20-8
2015Photographie et Mémoire
Paul di Felice, Pierre Stiwer 
EMoP asbl www.europeanmonthofphotography.com, ISBN: 978-99959-674-4-4
2015Tanja Boukal - The Melilla Project
2015Ateliergespräche III
Sabine Coelsch-Foisner
Verlag Anton Pustet e.U., ISBN: 978-3-7025-0809-8
2014Tanja Boukal - Political Correctness
Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Tina Teufel
Bibliothek der Provinz, ISBN: 978-3-99028-327-1
2014Der Menschheit Würde. The Dignity of Man. Dustojnost cloveka. Ljudsko dostojanstvo
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2014Memory Lab / Photography Challenges History
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Kunstverein Kärnten, ISBN: 978-3-200-03055-8
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Petra Noll
Fotogalerie Wien, ISBN: 978-3-902725-34-9
2012Die Kunst der Nadel - Stickarbeiten in der zeitgenössischen Kunst (p. 38 ff.)

Sandra Schwender
Diploma thesis, University of Vienna: Faculty of History and Cultural Studies

2011Tanja Boukal: Pandora´s Box
2010Tanja Boukal - Welcome to Paradise
2009Tanja Boukal: Body of Works 2002-2009
2007Tanja Boukal: Von der Notwendigkeit, Augen am Hinterkopf zu Haben
2006Paper Road 2006 - internationale papierkunst - industry paper art
2005Fotonoviembre: 8. Bienal Internacional de Fotografía de Tenerife
Tea Tenerife Espacio de las Artes
Tea Tenerife Espacio de las Artes, ISBN: 84-88594-38-0
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2003all about: female sex
Mario Mauroner
2001Fotonoviembre: 6. Bienal Internacional de Fotografía de Tenerife
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2001Saison 2000/2001

 Galerie im Alcatraz, Hallein, Austria