Melilla tiene una Valla (Melilla has a fence)

Vienna, Austria
70 x 50cm (unframed)
44 x 44 cm (unframed)
40 x 50 cm (unframed)
30 x 40 cm (unframed)
30 x 20,5 cm (unframed)
23 x 17 cm (unframed)
12,5 x 17,5 cm (unframed)
Embroidery on Canvas
Presented at

No one has any intention of building a wall | Augsburg | Apr - Jun 2016

Demonstrating Minds | Helsinki | Oct 2015 - Mar 2016

The fence, which separates the Spanish Melilla from its Moroccan surroundings, is eleven kilometres long and six metres high. It forms not only the division line between Europe and Africa, but also between paradise and barbarism, human life and hounded survival. The fence is omnipresent in the town, but is ignored by the rest of Europe, although the daily refugee tragedies happen exactly there.
Tanja Boukal followed the whole length of the fence and took photographs, which she processed to embroidered pictures. At first sight they will look like these cross stitched idylls, which are normally sold as DIY embroidery kits.