Der Menschheit Würde. The Dignity of Man. Dustojnost cloveka. Ljudsko dostojanstvo

Publishing Date:2014
Editor:Berthold Ecker, Roland Fink
Language:German / English
Publishing House:Ambra Verlag
Details:Paperback, 20 × 23 cm cm, 184 pages, 100 Coloured Illustrations

2014 Centenary: Artistic Positions

There are many events to be commemorated in in Europe in 2014: The outbreak of World War I, the death of the first Nobel Prize winner Bertha von Suttner, the outbreak of World War II 75 years ago and the fall of the Berlin Wall 25 years ago. The generations of witnesses, of victims and perpetrators who can (or could) still report on what was perhaps the time of the greatest loss of human dignity, the period of both World Wars, will not be among us for very much longer .

The majority of the European population considers the idea of a war that could affect their continent as a whole an implausible concept.
But - is that really the case? Which indicators of the loss of human dignity do we encounter in our daily lives? What strategies are available to defend and protect this basic human precept from instrumentalization and commercialization? The blurring and destruction of the conditions that are considered constitutive for the concept of "dignity" in relation to human life forms provides for the different approaches to artistic considerations

How do contemporary artists define "dignity," how can it be rendered and how does it react to today's loss of values?
Interesting, in part unknown artistic positions, many from the Czech Republic and Bosnia and Herzegowina.