Efter Flugten

Date:29. Sep. – 30. Dez. 2018
Moesgaard Museum, Højbjerg, Denmark

Close to 60 people from Damaskus and Allepo currently live on the small Danish island of Samsø. Now, Moesgaard Museum presents the exhibition ‘After the Escape - Syrian Lives on Samsø’ which takes a different approach to show what it is like to be a refugee than the one that the population is used to from the media.

Through personal stories, the exhibition will personify the refugee crisis and show the violent experiences they refugees have encountered during their journey, as well as the feelings, narratives and plans for the future that emerge once they have settled in Denmark and begun rebuilding a new home and a new life.

The exhibition has been developed with the National Museum of Denmark. With ‘After the Escape - Syrian Lives on Samsø’ Moesgaard Museum’s anthropologists want to give visitors new insight into the current situation in Syria and the human consequences behind the headline.

Tanja Boukal provided footage material from The Aegean project for the exhibition.