Date:11. May – 17. Aug 2013
Galerie Prisma, Bolzano, Italy
Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt, Klagenfurt, Austria

The artistic examination of human is almost as old as humanity itself. Until today, the image of mankind and the figure has lost none of its fascination. Therefore, dealing with this topic is essential for many contemporary artists, regardless of whether it is about their own person, their staging or the person per se.

Humans is a group exhibition in which the focus is on dealing with people in their complexity. On the one hand there are the results and insights of an analytical view of the human physique and psyche, the transillumination of the human body and its functions down to the deepest levels, on the other hand philosophical questions about dignity and existence or the search for identity, evolutionary origin and transcendence which underlie the different artistic positions. Political and psychological aspects of coexistence and communication are addressed as well as temporal processes or the confrontation with perception and reality, emotion and memory.

Thomas Riess (artist and curator of this exhibition) has met a selection of twelve artists from Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Iceland, whose works form a thematic cross section through the fields of painting, sculpture, graphics, photography, textile art, video and installation.

Curated by Thomas Riess
Artists:Tanja Boukal (A), Aron Demetz (I), Jón Thor Gíslason (IS/D), Urban Grünfelder (I), Richard Kaplenig (A), Brigitte Konyen (A), Marck (CH), Ina Loitzl (A), Birgit Pleschberger (A), Peter Raneburger (A), Thomas Riess (A), Shirin Winiger (CH)

Bolzano, Italy: May, 11th, 2013 – June, 1st, 2013
Klagenfurt, Austria: June, 7th, 2013 – August, 17th, 2013