Leaden Circles Dissolved In The Air

Date:1. März – 28. Apr. 2018
Elgiz Contemporary Art Museum, Istanbul, Turkey

The exhibition Leaden Circles Dissolved In The Air is based on diversity of artistic expression. The title of the exhibit refers to the frequently repeated sentence in Virginia Woolf’s most striking novel Mrs. Dalloway, and points out the intersection of different perspectives. 

Woolf uses "Leaden Circles Dissolved In The Air” as a metaphor to connect the novel’s characters and their points of view. 

This sentence, becomes the main motif of the novel, and similarly functions as a mutual slogan for each artist in the exhibition. Thus, this transition phrase of the novel puts an emphasis on the diversity of artistic media, which range from painting to object-based installations; and contextualizes the current political and cultural transformations in an inter-geographical manner.

The artists challenge the direct relationship between designated objects and signs, and they reverse the authority of symbols by considering the signs as determinative. Contemporary narrative, traditional narrative / symbolic imagery in art today brings out infinite interpretations by distracting the viewer with explicit and implicit meanings. In this context, image is often deconstructed in art, the observations and ideas (even life and death) of the viewer are intertwined just as in Woolf’s novel.

The exhibition invites the viewer to appropriate a variety of approaches in symbolic narrative of contemporary art. The artists intentionally obscure the point between the exhibitor and the exhibited, as they attempt to catch the viewer by surprise whilst re-contextualizing common images unexpectedly.

Artists: Kezban Arca Batıbeki, Tanja Boukal, Sefa Çakır, Fatma Çakmak, Ahmet Elhan, Seda Oturmak, Chulayarnnon Siriphol, Güneş Terkol, Ezgi Tok

Curated by Ferhat Özgür

Exhibition tour with an interview by Tanja Boukal

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