Date:22. Feb. 2022 – 22. März 2025
Musée d'Art et d'Histoire, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

On the occasion of its new permanent exhibition, the Museum of Art and History questions its collections and puts them into dialogue through the prism of movement, a notion that is both individual and universal. 

The exhibition offers a new and interdisciplinary perspective on mobility. What are the profiles and motivations of migrants?  What role do wars and international trade play in movement? What is the nature of the goods produced and the strategies implemented to export them? What are the links between trade networks and the slave trade? What do artists seek under distant skies? What obstacles do migrants encounter in their daily lives? A journey through small and large stories where memory and the richness of destinies are reflected.

Part of the exhibition is Tanja Boukal’s work «Patterns», a contemporary artistic position, reflecting in a most sensitive and beautiful way on this subject. The work was created 2021 for the topic «EDEN - poisoned temptations» at WhiteSpaceBlackBox, Neuchâtel and then became part of the permanent collection of the museum.