Superficial View

Date:4. März – 3. Apr. 2001
Celeste, Vienna, Austria

On the surface ... an attempt at an explanation

Surface is the outermost boundary of a body. It conceals, covers and protects. It is outwardly present. It is what we perceive first and if we do not want to or cannot deal with it, it remains the only thing. We then define what we see as the whole.

Vegetables are food for us, rarely looked at, but mostly just devoured. Presented as a work of art, we perceive it as such in the "right" environment.
White is an incredibly calming colour. It radiates purity, order and reason. But what actually happens behind the façade, is everything so calm there too?
We also only take in adverts very "superficially", hardly anyone questions the statement of "Eat well - all is well" (Knorr). What is good if I have eaten a packet of soup? My life or my behaviour as a consumer or simply everything?

"Slide down the surface of things" is a recurring phrase from the book American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis. But do we want to see what's under the surface?


Historical Glimpse:
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