Valley of the Simorgh

Date:27. Jun – 7. Sep 2024
Hinterland, Vienna, Austria

Artists: Ahmadjan & Maren Amini, Tanja Boukal, Monika Huber, Ali & Maheen Kazim, Anahita Razmi, Mohsin Shafi, Farkhondeh Shahroudi 

The exhibition VALLEYS OF THE SIMORGH  emerged from the INTRA project with the same title and, inspired by the Persian poet Attār‘s Conference of the Birds, embarks on the quest for the Simorgh. Following the structure of the tale, the exhibition consists of the Valley of the Quest (Ahmadjan & Maren Amini), Valley of Love (Tanja Boukal), Valley of Knowledge (Monika Huber), Valley of Detachment (Ali & Maheen Kazim), Valley of Unity (Anahita Razmi), Valley of Wonderment (Mohsin Shafi), and Valley of Poverty and Annihilation (Farkhondeh Shahroudi). This exhibition addresses the political sphere of Attār’s narration while it recounts the collective struggle for freedom and equality. 

Catalogue Release: As part of the INTRA project, a catalog was created by Anita Hosseini and Marcia Schmidt with students from the University of Applied Arts Vienna.