Food OK, Everything OK

City:Vienna, Austria
Media:foodpackages, slogans of advertisments

Tired, exhausted, nerved?
That’s life - but not yours! 

brainfood proudly presents:
“optimal” and “shiny world” . freedom, i just take it! 

"shiny world" . fresh, natural luck . no instant luck!
freshly brewed from luck, happiness, beauty and wealth
ingredients: luck (pure, natural luck) . happiness (100% real) . beauty (has certified degree af purity) . wealth (approved by national bank) . sugar . natural aroma . containes at minimum 1,2 g/l luck pasteurized consume quickly after opening (shiny world may taste a bit stale after a while) . serve on the rocks

“optimal” . the famous optimism in cans!
100% pure optimism . optimal makes your life much, much better
optimal - just take it and good . now also available as bar for takeout
use: 1 to 10 times a day depending on your need preparation: put can in water, spice at your taste overdoses may lead to hot a certain symptom of lost reality