Rewind: Obersalzberg

City:Vienna, Austria
Measures:different sizes
Media:stones from Obersalzberg,
Part of a series:
Rewind: Obersalzberg

Once a center of private self-expression for high-ranking Nazis, efforts have been made since the end of the war to give the site a neutral appearance. But new footpaths, a golf course, an observation tower and a luxury hotel cannot hide the history.

Propaganda is deeply engraved on all the walls. Boukal compares the appearance of these places today with media images from the 1940s. How has history inscribed itself in the buildings or the grounds? How have these places been treated? Boukal explores these and similar questions with her own contemporary photographic documentation. 

She combines these with the old images in computer-generated collages. The artist chose fragments of slate slabs, relics from the destruction of many Nazi settlements by the Allies, which she collected on the Obersalzberg and thus have a direct connection to the historical context. She created a space-time continuum from fragments of the past and the present.