Rewind: Revolution

City:Vienna, Austria
Measures:8 pieces, 25 x 37 cm each
Part of a series:
Rewind: Revolution

In the third part of the Rewind series, Tanja Boukal takes the “inscribing of history in a site,” almost literally.

She turns to Tahrir Square in Cairo and illustrates the extent to which this central scene of the Egyptian revolution has changed within a two-year period.

The two pictorial levels, which merge first in the eyes of beholders, are clearly separated from one another in terms of material: the artist engraved portraits of individuals, taken from press photos from the Day of Rage, January 25, 2011, onto Plexiglas. She mounted these with spacers as foreground onto prints of her own photographs, produced in a Diasec process, and taken on the anniversary of the Day of Rage in 2012 and 2013 at the same scene from the same angle as the original press photos from 2011.

Therefore, the two elements unite to form a new whole: the relevant historical moment has passed, the revolution, however, remains omnipresent. The street’s function as a stage is ongoing.