Artist's Statement

Humans are the focus of my work - their interactions with the environment and society, and their responses to challenging situations. Rather than focusing on the details of their faces or bodies, my interest lies in understanding their abilities when faced with unique life circumstances. I delve into their methods of problem solving, their determination to achieve goals, and their pursuit of finding happiness.

At the core of my artistic journey is a commitment to human dignity that seamlessly integrates ethical considerations into my work. I often highlight extraordinary individuals, not as isolated characters, but as representatives of those willing to endure significant challenges to realize their aspirations. This approach includes extending recognition to individuals who typically remain invisible.

Therefore, women's fates are often highlighted. By centering their stories, I seek to amplify the voices that have historically remained in the shadows, ensuring that their struggles, triumphs, and unique perspectives receive the attention they rightfully deserve.

My creative process involves the incorporation of traditional craft techniques to create a connection with the person or situation being portrayed. Craft, known for millennia as the art of ordinary men and women, represents to me human creativity and the joy of making. The aspiration of these individuals is to leave a lasting memory, to create something significant. Through the techniques I use, I emphasize the importance associated with portraying these individuals and their stories.