A World Not Ours - La Kunsthalle Mulhouse

Publishing Date:2017
Editor:La Kunsthalle Mulhouse
Language:French / English / German
Publishing House:Self-publishing, La Kunsthalle Mulhouse
Details:Downloadable PDF

It is important for art centres to listen to what the world says, not to huddle in on themselves, to share their everyday concerns and kindness with the public.

Their role is to take the time to question the present, to put it in the hands of artists and to make it available for public debate. This summer, La Kunsthalle is commited to a matter both burning and impossible to avoid: the refugee crisis.

Conceived by Katerina Gregos, this challenging project deserves all the earnestness and high professionalism of a widely recognized and respected curator. She gathered numerous international artists who are involved with the asylum or exodus issues and she managed to deal with a severe topic
through metaphorically and artistically powerful art works. Sculptures, pictures, videos - all pieces summon personal life stories and explore unexpected and remarkable angles.