ANEIGNUNG/Appropriation Fotobuch 49/ 2012

Publishing Date:2012
Editor:Petra Noll
Language:German / English
Publishing House:Fotogalerie Wien
Details:Softcover, 22 x 19 cm, 118 pages, num. ills. in colour and bw

In response to the current trend observed among numerous artists within the international art scene, characterized by a notable affinity for the use and recontextualization of found materials, the curatorial team at FOTOGALERIE WIEN, in collaboration with art historian and curator Petra Noll, has crafted this year's focal point: Aneignung (Appropriation). 

Grounded in the intellectual foundation of the "Appropriation Art" movement of the 1970s and 1980s, where artists conceptually "appropriated" pre-existing artworks, this three-part exhibition series expands the thematic horizon.

The series brings together photo and video artists who engage with Found-Footage materials from diverse contexts and explore strategies of re-enactment, thereby opening new perspectives and visual realities. Beyond the central themes of "Appropriation Art" - authorship and originality - the series delves into questions of representation and perception, societal and cultural debates, as well as issues surrounding history, memory, and identity.

The inherently backward-looking media of "Photography" and "Film" offer an additional layer of reflection for the theme of Aneignung. This exhibition series prompts a nuanced exploration of the complexities surrounding authorship, the original, representation, and perception within the realms of societal and cultural discourse. The artists featured in Aneignung 2012 invite viewers to contemplate the dynamic interplay between the past, present, and future, as they navigate through a rich tapestry of visual narratives and conceptual re-appropriations.