Tanja Boukal: Pandora´s Box

Publishing Date:2011
Publishing House:Self-Publishing
Details:Downloadable PDF

Austrian artist Tanja Boukal presents her first solo show at Alessandra Marena Project in Italy. The site-specific installation at Via della Rocca delves into the ironic origins of evil, inspired by the myth of "Pandora's box."

Boukal contemplates whether unfulfilled hopes, symbolized by the box, contribute to societal challenges.

Her thought-provoking installation features a child reaching for bubbles filled with wishes, mirroring universal dreams. The intersection of bubbles from below and above represents the amalgamation of aspirations and the fear of failure. Boukal's work addresses contemporary dilemmas in a consumer-driven society, exploring the consequences of insatiable desires and the pursuit of false prosperity. Through her unique lens, the artist prompts reflection on the ever-shifting landscape of human ambitions and societal pressures.

Explore Tanja Boukal's captivating commentary at Alessandra Marena Project, where she challenges viewers to reconsider the nature of hope and desire in our complex world.

Download the Catalogue PDF, 563.6 kB