Le monument, le labeur et l’hippocampe

Publishing Date:2020
Details:Downloadable PDF

The Monument, the Toil and the Hippocampus is an exhibition based on the case of Mulhouse.

The recent history of the city provides a model but it is not the only point of reference. What the city reveals from its past, and how it deals with it, is valid for other cities and other regions. It exemplifies an industrial history made up of buildings, workers and a conception of progress which remained dominant for a long time but whose promises were not necessarily fulfilled.

The events and habits of a period gradually become facts and sorted files. They are released and consulted to write a history to which the artists in the exhibition wished to contribute. They have chosen not to limit themselves to the archived versions of the memories, but to reactivate them, with no compromise or prejudice. They have revived words, gestures and places which can bridge the gap between then and now.

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