Tanja Boukal - The Mulhouse Project

Publishing Date:2020
Language:English / German
Publishing House:Self-published
Details:PDF downloadable

Tanja Boukal's odyssey through the DMC archives is a captivating exploration of history and craftsmanship.

Beyond solitary pursuits, Boukal shared her expertise through public workshops, creating a communal space for the exchange of skills and stories. Armed with a camera, she captured the essence of DMC's former area, blending modern photos with century-old images, offering a poignant overview of the past.

Her efforts climaxed in a participatory embroidery project with Mulhouse residents, breathing life into historical stitches. In a world dominated by machines, Boukal's mission is clear – to revive traditions, knowledge, and skills, lest we risk a culture adrift without a past. Needlecrafts, once a life skill, now reside within a shrinking artisan community, prompting Boukal's quest to rediscover this buried treasure and weave it into a future tapestry.