Date:13. May – 4. Jun 2011
Kunstraum Pro Arte, Hallein, Austria

This exhibition in the kunstraum pro arte is dedicated to a special interface in art: drawing with needle and thread - between art and manual work.

Traditional techniques that are learned as a child, but later not used or trained, are placed in a new context by artists: manual work as a means of artistic expression. But also the assignment of techniques and work to gender roles should be investigated. Do men embroider differently? Why and how does one still embroider / knit today?

In the exhibition, the textile techniques of embroidery, sewing and knitting, most of which have been devalued as purely female handiwork, will be examined for their possibilities of artistic expression. The often surprising new subjects and the unusual applications surprise the viewer and make it possible to see textile from a different angle. No longer just as skills to make and decorate clothing and home accessories, but as stand-alone techniques that produce an artistic statement from the activity.
Interestingly enough, it can be said that the craftsmanship can certainly compete with the traditional work. Perhaps some visitors still remember the first exhibition of textile works, namely traditional monastic works. With the presentation of modern interpretations of craft work, the kunstraum wants to enable a re-evaluation of this interesting area of art and everyday life.

Artists: Tanja Boukal, Walter Bruno Brix, Renate Hausenblas, Elfriede Wimmer