Pandora's Box

Date:12. Aug – 2. Sep 2011
Galerie Eboran, Salzburg, Austria

Tanja Boukal's site-related installation takes an ironic look at the roots of evil. 

Zeus, father of the gods, gave Pandora a box, with the injunction never to open it. Her curiosity, however, impelled her to open it, and all the evils of the world escaped. Terrified, she quickly closed the box, but the only thing left in it was hope. Hesiod reports that Pandora opened the box again, releasing hope into the world and thus saving mankind.

In other interpretations, hope is represented as the worst of all plagues, so that Pandora saved the world by closing the box in time. Hope – life is inconceivable without it.  But is it not at the same time the roots of all striving for “more”? Does this striving constitute the incentive or the downfall of human society?