Political Correctness

Date:9. Nov. 2013 – 2. März 2014
Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria

Tanja Boukal has a highly developed feeling for changes in society. 

During the time she has been concerned with these issues, she has acquired a whole spectrum of craft-based techniques. With their help she removes the veil from images that we only perceive for an instant.

While the informational content of the images becomes continuously redundant, she works up these photographs in a time-consuming work process that often relies on local and traditional craft techniques. Alongside her own expertise, the multiplicity of embroidery and knitting techniques in this process also reflects the intensity of research into the socio-cultural background of the individual revolts.

The artist regards this form of expression as a kind of ‘historisation’ of short-lived images that turned them into ‘museum-ready pieces’. In this way she gets to the heart of what she considers worth remembering and invests a great deal of significance in the virtually invisible.