What to Do When Hell Breaks Loose?

Date:30. Aug – 27. Sep 2014
AB Gallery Lucerne, Lucerne, Switzerland

Tanja Boukal has a personal connection to the themes of her work. “Was tun, wenn’s brennt” (“What to do in case of fire”) is the core question of her work. 

The artist has been travelling regularly to crisis regions for five years. In places such as Egypt, Greece, Columbia, Lampedusa, Mellila (Spain) or Sarajevo she tries to find out which strategies people use when nothing is working, when there is a fire.

The artist concerns herself with the local situation and develops her artistic themes from there. It is however not her goal to offer solutions.

 “I deal with people, their situations and their strategies. In my work I do not want to show only the negative aspects, but draw attention to the things people do to change their situation or at least attempt to change it.”, Boukal says.

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