selbst [?] sicher

Date:2. – 27. Mai 2003
Galerie Vernissage, Vienna, Austria

The feeling of insecurity - of not feeling safe - the threat of changes in society and not least terror and war has reached a dimension, an extent of tyranny, that is not only a state of emergency, but seemingly threatens the everyday life of every citizen.

In this exhibition, Tanja Boukal examines various threat mechanisms - with particular reference to the war in Iraq. Keywords such as "internal security" are taken up and reinterpreted. She contrasts Dürer's "Praying Hands" with a contemporary interpretation featuring a soldier hiding in his hands - framed by a speech by George Bush.

All her reliefs are white - the colour of innocence, purity and reason. They only reveal their message on closer inspection.

"The confrontation with society and the body are themes I take up again and again. I try to show a point of view that raises questions. Playing with aesthetics, words or statements that are not immediately obvious invites people to engage with them. Viewers can get involved and take a closer look, or they can simply linger on the surface and become part of my work." (Quote, Tanja Boukal)

Historical Glimpse:
Website of the exhibition from 2003