Ignorance does not protect


Ignorance does not protect

The developments are fast and unpredictable.

Where the boats are still arriving today, the military may prevent them from landing tomorrow. Where thousands are still hoping to continue their journey through the EU, the next deportation may be imminent. How much longer will the refugees stranded in Greece endure their inhumane situation? By what means is the EU actually trying to prevent people seeking protection from continuing to come to Europe? And what is really happening in Turkey?

Once again I am embarking on a journey to Europe's external borders. As with my Melilla blog, I will report on what I see, learn and experience there. I would like to give you a preview of what I plan to do here today. This is not possible. Nothing can be planned at the moment.

The current political situation makes me feel helpless. I think that is a feeling that many of you know. I have decided to confront this feeling of enforced passivity. To do this, I need to see as much as possible with my own eyes. I will talk to those affected. I will try to help at least acutely on the ground. I will report on this here. And new art projects will emerge from this. That is my strategy for dealing with my helplessness.

I want to know. Because closing my eyes to reality doesn't help - it doesn't make the unbearable go away.