European Spring

Measures:25 pieces, between 46 x 28 cm and 63 x 28 cm
Media:Embroidery on linen
Part of a series:
European Spring

25 european languages, one feeling...

"European Spring" extends the exploration of fear, breathing new life into the conversation through a vivid display of color. Comprising 27 works, each adorned with the word "fear" meticulously embroidered in various languages, this collection invites viewers to immerse themselves in the kaleidoscope of emotions associated with this powerful sentiment.

In contrast to its winter counterpart, what distinguishes "European Spring" is Boukal's departure from the starkness of white-on-white embroidery. Instead, the artist embraces a spectrum of colors, injecting a sense of vitality and renewal into the conversation surrounding fear. The shift in palette serves as a visual metaphor for the potential for growth and transformation even within the realm of our deepest anxieties.

Just as in "European Winter," the deliberate use of diverse languages to express the word "fear" on each piece remains a poignant feature of Boukal's work. This linguistic diversity underscores the artist's commitment to portraying fear as a universal human experience that transcends cultural boundaries. The embroidered words, now vividly colored, continue to serve as a powerful visual representation of the shared emotional landscape that connects us all.

The juxtaposition of the seemingly everyday embroidery  with the profound subject matter encourages viewers to reevaluate the context in which fear is encountered.