European Winter

City:Vienna, Austria
Measures:17 pieces, between 46 x 28 cm and 63 x 28 cm
Media:Embroidery on linen
Part of a series:
European Winter

The work is a thought-provoking exploration of fear, cultural diversity and domesticity. 

The 18 works, on which the word "fear" is embroidered in different languages, invite the viewer to reflect on the universality of this powerful emotion.

What makes "European Winter" particularly striking is Boukal's choice of whitework embroidery. This technique, reminiscent of heirlooms or the delicate embellishments on sofa covers and doilies in well-appointed former middle-class homes, adds complexity to the work. The subtlety of the white embroidery on a white ground not only demands closer inspection, but also serves as a metaphor for the often hidden and unspoken nature of fear.

The deliberate use of different languages to immortalize "fear" on each piece illustrates the artist's intention to capture the universality of this feeling across all cultures. The embroidered words become a visual representation of the common human experience of fear that transcends language barriers.

By using a technique associated with domestic aesthetics, Boukal challenges the viewer to reconsider the context in which fear is experienced. The contrast between the seemingly banal embroidery style and the weighty subject matter creates a powerful juxtaposition and encourages reflection on the coexistence of fear in the seemingly ordinary aspects of our lives.