I don't know what's bothering You

City:Vienna, Austria
Measures:4 table mats, 35x46 cm each
4 plates, Ø 23 cm each
4 glasses, Ø 8,5 cm each
Media:Linen damask, Glass

The installation challenges the boundaries of empathy and responsibility, inviting viewers to contemplate the intersection of normalcy and global crises. 

The centerpiece of the artwork is a meticulously laid table, reminiscent of those found in the dining rooms of urban middle-class families. However, what sets this tableau apart are the intricately woven placemats, each bearing haunting images of drowned refugee children washed ashore in Samos. The plates and glasses, seemingly ordinary at first glance, are engraved with stark barbed wire motifs.

This installation serves as a commentary on the dichotomy between acknowledging the plight of others and the tendency to compartmentalize such distressing realities. While no member of this fictional family would openly deny the sorrow invoked by the refugee crisis, the artwork challenges the viewer to question the limits of their concern. 

As life continues in its routine, the work prompts contemplation on the ethical implications of turning away from ongoing human suffering. Can individuals be accused of complacency, or is this a universal struggle to balance empathy with the demands of everyday life? "I don´t know whats bothering you" invites reflection on the role of the observer and their moral responsibility in the face of global challenges.