Memories of Travels and Dreams

City:Aegean Sea, Turkey/Greece
Measures:140 x 98 cm
Media:Print on Alu‐Dibond, padded fabric on plywood, rubber bands, postcards

How different can a trip be on the same route or when your passport decides whether you go on an idyllic tourist trip or risk your life.

A boat trip from Kuşadası to Samos: Buy a ticket at the ferry company's office, shop in the duty-free zone, board the boat. There is plenty of space, life jackets for each potential passenger and a coffee shop on board. It takes 1 hour 15 minutes to safely arrive in Greece. The ticket costs 35 € and children under 6 years old travel free.

A boat trip from Kuşadası to Samos: Find a trustworthy smuggler, buy life jackets and water, decide which of your belongings to leave behind, get into the dinghy. As many people as possible are squeezed into the boats, the passengers are forced to steer the boat alone and everyone is afraid.  The ticket costs $1500 and there is no discount for children.

In 2016, one of 80 people died on this journey (as of June 3, 2016).