Site inspection


Yesterday we met for the first time directly on the construction site. I was able to gain some initial impressions.

The Zurich Building Authority wrote about this in an Instagram post:

'In order to narrow down the possible intervention sites for the photographs in the building, the jury met for a kick-off meeting on site in Rheinau. Together, the artist, the architects @lichtigrafzumsteg, the project management and the users visited the site and discussed where the works could best be placed in order to achieve a representative effect on the outside, but also to protect the privacy of the residents.

Possible locations include the entrance portal, the rear fa├žade of the building, the stairwell or the community hall. However, the final decision will not be made until Tanja Boukal spends a month on site next summer and has taken the photos.

We are already looking forward to the imminent realisation of this interesting project!

There is nothing more to add!

The Rheinau Project

Tilia residence, Rheinau, Switzerland