Why and How


As an artist, the goal of my project "Tun" is to focus on the independent actions of the residents of the Wohnheim Tilia.

Through my presence on site for several weeks, I would like to witness their everyday situations and support them in strengthening their confidence in their own abilities and promoting their self-esteem.
During my stay, I intend to capture in black and white photographs the various activities and opportunities that are in the hands of the residents. It is very important to me that the residents can identify with the pictures and that their individual abilities are expressed in them.

In close consultation with the residents, I will determine the exact locations for my artistic interventions. I will take into account their wishes and needs to ensure that they feel comfortable and respected in their familiar surroundings. Possible locations could be the entrance portal, the back facade of the building, the staircase, or the common room. However, the final decision will be made after my stay on site to ensure that the artworks can be harmoniously integrated into the environment and daily life of the residents.

For me, the project "Tun" symbolizes an authentic recognition of the individual abilities of people with disabilities and a connection between art and their everyday life. Through my artistic interventions, I create a space for expression, self-development and shared growth in the residence. It is my concern that the residents discover their own talents and that their self-confidence is strengthened.

The Rheinau Project

Tilia residence, Rheinau, Switzerland