Bossa! Bossa!


Bossa! Bossa!
They arrived at the CETI today at 6.30am: two from the Ivory Coast, one from Benin, three from Guinea, unclear nationality for the others. This is footage from the surveillance camera.

It seems almost impossible to cross the fence. Overcoming all its obstacles, the force of the soldiers on both sides, the electronic surveillance system, the infrared cameras, the trip wires... It is a gigantic machine.

Barefoot, armed only with an enormous desire for a better life and blind faith that they can make it. They have built themselves gloves with grappling hooks to hold on to the tightly meshed grid.

David against Goliath - tonight 10 people made it.

Welcome! Bossa!

Bossa! is the victory cry of all sub-Saharans when they arrive in Melilla