This is not a photomontage


This is not a photomontage
Photo taken by Jose Palazon this morning

Since 7.50am today, these people have been sitting on the fence, still desperately refusing to come down. (As of 7.30pm) 

There was another attempt to get over the inhuman fence. This time almost directly opposite the CETI. 15 - 20 people of different nationalities made it, the rest (about 80 people) were stopped by the Moroccan military or were stuck at the fence. After residents of the CETI tried to get close to the fence to distract the police, no one of dark skin colour was allowed to leave the Ceti from 08.15 onwards.

What a bizarre sight. In the camp, the residents watch the border fence through the CETI fence, where desperate people have been clinging on for hours. The road along the fence is completely closed to traffic so that nobody can get too close to the action. At the golf course between Ceti and "La Valla", golf carts are turning and styled people are playing golf as if nothing is happening.

THIS PHOTO IS NOT A PHOTOMONTAGE! I also took some pictures myself.

Is there a better symbol for the state of Europe?