The Cost of Compartmentalisation


The Cost of Compartmentalisation

For the first time, the Spanish government has published official figures on the cost of the fences in Melilla and Ceuta. 

From 2004 to 2014, Spain spent 74,078,781 Euros on the construction, expansion, improvement and maintenance of the border facilities in these two cities.

This amounts to an average cost of 20,300 Euros per day. This does not include the costs for the police and military deployed on site.

The construction of the fences around Ceuta in 1996 and around Melilla in 1998 are also not included in this cost breakdown. In 2014 alone, the reinforcement of the fence with fine wire mesh cost €2,110,000, of which €1,318,000 was for Melilla and €792,000 for Ceuta.

Since 2004, a total of 30,507 irregular refugees have crossed the fence and the sea into the exclaves, 17,553 to Melilla and 12,954 to Ceuta.

Source: http://www.diariodenavarra.es/noticias/mas_actualidad/nacional/2014/09/10/espana_gastado_millones_anos_las_vallas_ceuta_melilla_174620_1031.html