A letter to the Editor that was never written


A letter to the Editor that was never written
This photo has been used as an illustration in countless articles today

Dear media,

Today I am addressing all of you who have accepted a press release from the Guardia Civil without comment. 

It talks about "extraordinary violence" by the refugees and five injured Spanish police officers. Many of you are showing a photo of desperate people sitting on the fence to accompany the article. If you had looked at this picture more closely, you might have noticed that a man in uniform is cutting the rope on which another man is hanging from the fence at a height of around 5 metres. Is this a new strategy of the refugees? Are they torturing the poor dark-skinned Guardia Civil officers?

You know the video that shows how sophisticated these violent migrants have become? They put on Guardia Civil uniforms and beat up the defenceless police officers lying on the ground. One of them has probably died, but this has not yet been confirmed.

In any case, I would like to thank you very much for your independent reporting, in which you always explicitly point out the flood of refugees just waiting to storm in at the gates of Europe. Then I will also understand much better why a strict approach at the borders is absolutely necessary. It would be fatal if we were to allow these left-wing troublemakers to say that the European refugee policy is fatal for many people. Where would we end up if we quoted human rights activists or pointed out the constant breaches of the law by the Guardia Civil, which are currently being tried in court in Melilla?

Please don't let anyone tell you that it is your job to question official press releases.

I fully understand your approach and will continue to believe every word you say.

Thank you very much & keep up the good work!