From Syria to Melilla


From Syria to Melilla
Danii, 15 and her little son

Danii come from a village in the north of Syria. Her husband was unable to take her with him when he fled because she was pregnant. 

He took her to relatives in a supposedly safe part of Syria. But after the birth of her child, this place was no longer safe either.

Her husband, now a recognised refugee in France, sent money for her escape. She travelled across the Moroccan border with her baby using a fake passport. She has now been here at the CETI for 6 months. Underage and alone with her son. S

e is waiting for her asylum procedure to finally begin so that she can join her husband in France. He has never seen his child.

More than 4 million Syrians have had to flee their country so far.

The EU has taken in a total of 130,000 Syrians. In Austria, a special quota was decided for 1000 additional Syrian refugees, which has not yet been utilised, as no suitable refugees have yet been found.

I would like to see one of the responsible politicians explain this asylum policy to Danii.