From Kenya to Melilla


From Kenya to Melilla
Sheila, 25 from Kenya

She infects everyone in the class with her good humour. Only when she is asked the reason for her escape is she short-tempered: "Big Troubles".

Her journey took 6 years. One year from Kenya to Morocco, then she waited 5 years in the forest of Nador for her last stop. It was dusty there and she had to hide from the Moroccan police, who kept destroying the camps in the forest. No roof over her head, no money to buy food, no warm clothes in winter.

She crossed the border hiding under a lorry. She has been in the camp for a fortnight - and is happy. She is happy about the shower, appreciates her own bed, likes the food. It's just a bit boring here, so she attends courses, helps look after the children and cheers up the Syrian refugees. She communicates with everyone, even without speaking their language. She is looking forward to the day when she finally receives the "Entrada", her ticket to the mainland.

She hasn't turned up today. She had to go to the police station. Her chances of asylum are not good.