... and so my photo tour today has been cancelled.

The permits to work in the refugee camp haven't arrived yet either. As Eid ul-adha is celebrated here at the weekend and Monday is also a public holiday, not much is likely to happen in the next few days.

The waiting is a bit wearing.

But it also gives me the opportunity to continue reading a very captivating book.

Fabien Didier Yene: Bis an die Grenzen. Chronik einer Migration. ISBN: 978-3854356684 (German and French)

Fabien Didier Yene is one of the thousands of refugees trying to cross the wire fences of Melilla to reach Europe. Time and again he runs into the border fence or tries to reach European soil by swimming. Again and again he is thrown back, picked up, deported to the border, once left behind with a few others in the middle of the desert. In the third person, he tells of his journey to Europe, which comes to a temporary halt in Morocco. 

And while the rain pours against the window, I sit in my hotel room with a cup of tea, reading this book and feeling infinitely grateful to have been born on the right side of the border.