The farewell approaches


The farewell approaches
Ready for leaving

Today was the day of farewells at Ceti. A day of joy and tears. 

Many of those with whom I have worked, laughed and cried in the last few weeks have received their "Salida" today, i.e. they are allowed to go to the mainland. Others still have to wait for it.

Today was also my last day at CETI. Any friendships that have developed are suddenly torn apart. I will miss two women the most. Sheila from Kenya, who saved every difficult situation with her tireless optimism and laughter. And xxx from Syria, who taught me what it means to lose everything and still keep fighting. But there are also Yussuf, James, Peace, Aisha, Lamis, Hamid, David, Radieta, Apinga and many others. I will miss you all!

I hope you all find a way to fulfil your dreams. I wish it from the bottom of my heart.